Yay, Brooklyn, yay!

Oh, yay! Brooklyn, yay! So cool you can’t step outside on the Fourth of July because your hooplehead neighbors are shooting their guns into the air! I’m so sure that when Jonathan and Nicole go to see Paul and Siri and Sophie on the Fourth, they all five of them go out onto Prospect Park West to shoot their guns into the air and pop caps into their neighbors’ heads! Yay Brooklyn!

(Seriously, follow my link, scroll to the bottom, read Jonathan Safran Foer’s entry [it amuses me that the authors misspelled “Safran”], and see if this guy is living in anything resembling reality. And then come back and tell me that–oh!, you really like his novels!)

And that’s my problem with the tone of this Brooklynites piece. The photos are great, but the project feels really false, like a Marty-approved puff piece for Brooklyn. Hey, I love living here, but in the same way that London hit the Cool Britannia PR bullshit 10 years ago, I feel like we’re in the middle of Cool Brooklyn PR bullshit now.

Not all of Brooklyn meets the hype. That’s all I’m sayin’.


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