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Subway etiquette

I propose a deal. If I’m so dumb or so desparate for a seat that I actually sit in front of a subway map, I’ll gladly move my big ol’ head over so that you can read the map, and I’ll avert my eyes so I’m not watching you read the map.

However, I do think that you should live up to your part of the social compact: Don’t just hover right in front of me when you finish, staring in the same general direction as the map. If you do hover and stare, I’ll think you’re continuing to read the map, and I’ll keep holding my head in a weird, uncomfortable angle so that I’m not in your way. And then, when I finally realize you’re not actually looking at the map, I’ll get irritated.

So, turn away from the map so I know you’re no longer looking. It’s only fair.

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